-Hello, my name is Chell. Be careful. Aperture isn't a safe place. There have been so many more turrets around lately that it almost feels like she's trying to kill me again. If you see a painter around here, please let me know. I honestly don't think he's alive anymore, but without a body I'll never be sure. And if you see a blue android around, run. He's my friend, but he's just as dangerous as everything else around here.-
Can you tell me who I was?

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II’m trying to prove a point to Dr. Doug Rattmann(found here: http://apertureratt.tumblr.com/) that he is, in fact, attractive, because he’s doing everything he can to prove me wrong. So please, reblog and/or like if you agree with me, and maybe, together, we can get it through to him.

Picture source: http://raintalker.deviantart.com/art/The-last-Scientist-339284205

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